Notes - Yemi King

Why Boudoir? It makes you feel awesome! It boosts self confidence, and it's a lot of fun! Once I discovered the magic that happens after a session, I knew this was the start of an amazing photographic journey. I had a friend then who wasn't confident in herself. So I asked her if I could try to take images of her to see if it would make her feel different. We had a photo session and she loved it. She said I made her feel amazing made her feel like she wanted to prance around the streets of Hastings naked. I thought “ummmm ok maybe that's too far” but the feeling of her happiness started to make me feel happy. I had more and more clients and slowly realised that the type of photography helped me and my client see ourselves better. I am now in Scotland and I'm ready to do this again. Feeling great and wanting to spread the feeling on! These photography sessions are not just to give sensual confidence, each shoot has its own uniqueness. As a client you will receive the special attention you deserve. What ever shape, size, emotion, sexual preference, age (25-200) Experience something amazing, fun and exciting that you will remember for a lifetime!

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