Boudoir and Beauty Makeover Photography in Stirling by Yemi King


Well, I feel I am here to capture one’s sexual empowerment through photography. I have a deep affinity for people and love using creativity and imagination to help express themselves more freely through boudoir photography. I have spent 18 wonderful years shooting photography, I have been published in numerous publications and have been awarded a Photographer of the Year award in 2015.

Boudoir Photography is a type of photography that leaves you feeling uber confident. I will guide you through special poses that capture you intimately and in the most flattering way. You can find and release yourself through this sensual but relaxed way of portraiture.

If you fancy letting out a little bit of naughtiness? You can feel confident and let go of your inhibitions in the privacy and comfort of the beautiful setting of your shoot.

Feel amazing, feel ecstatic, unleash a tasteful sensual side of you like you have never seen before.

-Yemi King x